Panel revolution: from needle to digital

The cutting-edge cabin of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury sedan includes a perfume atomizer.

Benz has now published their new design of carbine in their 2015 7 series, from panel to dashboard,  it looks completely  different, more simplified design, more digital interaction and most importantly, its easier to read and more accurate on the information display . so far , it seems to be a new trend that auto designers  are now focusing on simplified interior design and integrating their interactive functions, such as voice control, eye ball traction and forecast alarm system. The traditional panels are now getting play out, the new generation of panel belongs to digital technology.


Can’t see things clear ? go lasers !

7060886505 b28c868d44 h 750x500 BMW i8 Laser light

During the that the 2016 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), BMW released the latest technology of their lamp. No Xenon, no LED but laser. It’s a wild and bold design, even thought it is not the first time that BMW moving laser technology from industrial use to civil use ( still remember the thermal imager night vision projector installed on BMW 760?), still, BMW has surprised us, again.

the new designed lamps is not only sharp on their looks, but also useful in daily life. Whit Laser light,  it provides 3 times effective range than normal LED light,  and 2 times lifetime than it as well,  further more, it’s environment friendly technology, low energy consumption and high efficiency.